Avoiding Fee Disputes, Disgorgement and Discipline

July 16, 12–1 PM live InReach Zoom webinar by Gwen Daniel of Smith, Tozian, Daniel & Davis, PA., Tampa. Moderator:  Michelle Adams Gumula. Course number 8436 is approved for 1 CLE, 1 Ethics. Solo & Small Firm Section members register for only $55, with 90-day, on-demand access.
In this webinar, private ethics counsel Gwen Daniel will consider the spectrum from the outrageous attorney and/or the unreasonable client to common ethical problems lawyers should consider but frequently overlook. Safeguard your fees and reputation with practical tips like examining fee contracts, billing, collection, referral services, marketing, attorney liens, and paying your staff. REGISTER

Lawyers: Toxic Thoughts May Be Hurting You (And Your Practice) More Than You Know

Toxic thoughts are just as poisonous as toxic food.

Most of us acknowledge that a steady fast food diet isn’t good for our health. But while toxic food damages our physical health, toxic thoughts damage our mental and emotional health. Toxic thoughts may be worse because most of us don’t realize how dangerous they can be — especially for lawyers and legal professionals who already deal with unrelenting stress. Here’s what you need to know.

FREE CLE:  A Solo/Small Law Firm’s Guide to AI-Powered Efficiency & Automation

July 24, 12–1 PM FREE Free Wednesday Wisdom live Zoom webinar for Solo & Small Firm Section members* by Kate Bell, Clio Affinity Partnerships Manager. Moderator: Jennifer Kuyrkendall Griffin, Suwannee County Judge. Course number 8413 is approved for 1 CLE, 1 Technology.
*Registration will be approved when section membership is confirmed.
Law firm automation frees up lawyers to focus on utilization efficiencies, improving the success of their firm and client experience. In this session, we’ll walk through the importance and rise of automation in the legal profession, discuss key considerations to keep in mind, and learn the formula for automating the most tedious tasks at your firm with the power of AI. REGISTER

Improved vLex Fastcase Is Free To Florida Bar Members

Since 2005, Fastcase’s legal research has been a mainstay of The Florida Bar’s member benefits line-up, offering members free access to Florida cases, statutes, and regulations – with subscription access to the full national research service for $195 per year. Fastcase has merged with vLex, a global legal intelligence company. The combined vLex Fastcase “is as committed as ever to democratizing the law and providing the best in legal research.”
In the second half of 2024, The Florida Bar will launch an upgrade to its member benefits program, offering the same core services for free, with some major improvements. The improved “vLex Fastcase” service will provide free access to extensive primary law collections, including case law, statutes, regulations, and constitutions. Learn more here.

Becoming a Client Magnet:  How to Attract and Retain New Clients

August 20, 12–1 PM live InReach Zoom webinar by Peggy Hoyt, Law Office of Hoyt & Bryan, Oviedo. Moderator: Alicia Perez. Live InReach Zoom webinar. Course number 8411 is approved for 1 CLE. Solo & Small Firm Section members register for only $55, with 90-day, on-demand access.Do you have magnetic qualities?  Join us for a peek into promoting your practice using relationship strategies to attract and retain an endless stream of clients.  We will discuss the benefits of “educate to motivate,” “creating niche practice areas,” “the law of abundance,” and tools you can use now to grow your influence and your practice.  It’s all about top-of-mind awareness! REGISTER