April 11:  Arbitrator/Mediator Perspectives – How to Best Prepare Your Clients for Mediations, Conciliations, Conferences and Arbitrations

12–1 PM live GoToWebinar by Renée E. Thompson of Upchurch Watson White & Max Mediation Group, Ocala, and Adam M. Myron, Cagnet Myron Law, P.A., Wellington. Moderator:  Bill Curphey. Course number 7324 is approved for 1 CLE/CME credit. Solo & Small Firm Section members register for only $50. 

ADR mechanisms are being used in more courts today, but are less familiar to most clients. Hear strategies and tips from our experienced mediators/arbitrators on how to best prepare your clients for their participation in these different types of experiences by understanding the processes, participant roles, and expectations. REGISTER

April 26 FREE CLE:  The Art & Science of Voir Dire & Opening Statements

12–1 PM live on Zoom, free Wednesday Wisdom CLE for Solo & Small Firm Section members* by Bill Curphey, Curphey & Badger, P.A., and moderated by Judge Jennifer Kuyrkendall Griffin, Third Judicial Circuit.

In this webinar, you will learn from a successful civil trial lawyer, Bill Curphey, tools and strategies to employ during jury selection and how to most effectively create and deliver your opening statement.

*Registration will be approved when section membership is confirmed. REGISTER

Should You Use Personal Pronouns in Email Signatures?

Including a pronoun preference in an email signature is now widely accepted in big business. These are references such as she/her, he/him or they/them/their after the sender’s name or as an additional line to indicate how the person would like to be addressed.

The procedure started in the LGBTQ+ community as a way for people to ask to be referred to in a way that aligned with their gender identity. The practice grew as a way to indicate support for diversity and inclusion.

Encouraging the communication of pronoun preferences demonstrates your firm’s openness to everyone, no matter their gender identity. Adopting this usage as routine brings you into the widening mainstream — or perhaps marks you as a leader.

But is it good marketing? Here’s what you need to know.

An Easy Alternative to Scrolling Webpages: Spacebar

Tech tip from The Florida Bar:  When scrolling webpages, there’s an alternative to scrolling with a mouse or touchpad; it’s the spacebar on your keyboard.

Spacebar is also one of the most easily accessed keys on your keyboard, which makes it easier and faster to use for scrolling down a webpage. Unlike other keys, it’s pretty big in size, so even easier to use without moving your hand a lot.

To use spacebar for scrolling webpages, simply press spacebar once to scroll down one screen on a web page. You can keep pressing the spacebar to move further down. To scroll back up to the top of the page, simply press shift + spacebar. That takes you one screen up. Again, keep pressing both shift + spacebar to go to the top of the webpage.

Upcoming CLE for Solos and Small Firms. Save the Dates!

May 2Florida’s New Tort Reform: The Impact on Attorneys and  Potential Litigants. Live GoToWebinar by Michal Meiler, Ver Ploeg & Marino, Miami, and moderated by Joshua Hertz, Miami Lakes. Solo & Small Firm Section members register for only $50. All registrants have 90-day, on-demand access. Course number and CLE credit pending approval.

May 16
Ethical Concerns When Representing Crime Victims:  Emerging Issues Involving Technology & Cyberstalking. Live GoToWebinar by Stephanie Cagnet Myron, Cagnet Myron Law, P.A., Wellington, and moderated by Amanda Barton. Course number and Technology and Ethics CLE credit pending approval.

May 24
Elder Law Case: From Initial Consult to Funding. Free Wednesday Wisdom Zoom CLE for Solo & Small Firm Section members* by Zach Bloxham, Sandberg, Stettler, & Bloxham, Kaysville, Utah, and WealthCounsel. Moderator:  Judge Jennifer Kuyrkendall Griffin, Third Judicial Circuit. Course number and CLE credit pending approval. *Registration will be approved when section membership is confirmed. REGISTER


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