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How to Solo Small Firm

The Solo & Small Firm Section’s #HowToSoloSmallFirm series offers pro tips from seasoned practitioners on how their business models can inspire yours. Learn best practices for technology, personnel and client management, marketing, and more. Each attorney offers a unique perspective on how to run a solo or small firm, and we’ll be adding new videos all the time. You also can find our tips by following us on social media at @FLSoloSmallFirm and searching for the hashtag #HowToSoloSmallFirm. Read the Florida Bar News story.

Interested in being a part of the #HowToSoloSmallFirm tip series? Great! Simply record your 1 to 2-minute video clip, email the link to our section Program Administrator Ricky Libbert at, and include the title and firm name you’d like us to use. Don’t worry about editing; we’ll handle that for you. Remember to use the same setup as you would for Zoom (lighting, camera height, etc.). Questions? Please email Ricky Libbert.


Click on the images or buttons to watch the videos on YouTube.

Communications Tools. In this #HowToSoloSmallFirm tip, Liz McCausland, Principle of Liz McCausland P.A. and a consultant to Law Tech Partners, shares her pointers on how to save time in running your practice by improving communications through the use of Loom and Trello.

Social Media Marketing. In this #HowToSoloSmallFirm tip, Diriki T. Geuka, a corporate associate with Townsend & Lockett, LLC in Atlanta, shares his pointers on how to improve your solo or small firm through social media marketing.

Hiring and Managing Employees. In this #HowToSoloSmallFirm tip, Melanie S. Griffin, Secretary of the Florida Dept. of Business and Professional Regulation and founder and owner of Spread Your Sunshine, shares her pointers on hiring and managing employees.