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Welcome Law Students!

Did you know that small firms represent the largest entry-level law-firm market in Florida or that firms of 10 or less attorneys comprise 73% of The Florida Bar’s membership?

Why Consider Small Firm Practice?

  • More immediate client contact and case management
  • Hands-on experience in the courtroom
  • More autonomy and responsibility
  • Greater variability in the types of work
  • Work environment differences
  • Ability to see how your work helps others

When Do Small Firms Recruit?

  • Whenever need arises – there is no set hiring cycle
  • Small firms typically do not have a formal summer-associate program

How Do Small Firms Advertise Their Openings?

  • 80% of the openings are advertised by word-of-mouth
  • Cannot rely solely upon career services postings as most small firms do not participate in on-campus interviews or list openings with career offices at law schools

Then How Do You Find A Job in Small Firm Practice?

  • Networking – Attend SSF seminars, receptions
  • Volunteer to participate in service projects in local bar organizations or law offices
  • Do a targeted mailing -The National Association of Legal Professionals survey indicates that over 22% of law students gained their post-graduation position by conducting a targeted mailing

Thinking About Going Solo?

Some law students begin their careers by opening a solo practice. This can be both challenging and rewarding. If you are considering this option, SSF can help provide you with the resources and networking opportunities you will need to establish a successful solo practice.

How Can the Florida Bar SSF Section Help You if You Are Interested in Solo or Small Firm Practice?

Student membership in the SSF Section includes:

  • A host of resources for those interested in learning about solo and small firm law practice.
  • Access to the section’s on-line membership directory, which allows you to search the list of Section Members by location, area of practice, or law school.
  • Access to all SSF publications.
  • Live or recorded Continuing Legal Education programs that address many useful topics ranging from substantive legal knowledge to practice management help
  • Access to seasoned lawyers who can serve as mentors