Traps of the Employment Law Trade: Keeping Your Law Firm Compliant With Ever-Changing Employment Laws

November 14, 12–1 PM live on Zoom by Christopher Johnson, FordHarrison. Moderator:  Denise A. Mutamba. Course number 8024 is approved for 1 CLE; 1 Labor & Employment Law certification credit. Solo & Small Firm Section members register for only $50, with 90-day, on-demand access.

Solo and small-firm attorneys have a lot on their plates. It can be easy to forget one of the most critical hats that a business-owning attorney wears: employer. This CLE by FordHarrison employment law partner Chris Johnson is designed to identify common employment laws that apply to small businesses, including law firms. You’ll also learn how to avoid issues that, if left unchecked, might result in you having to become the client to defend your business against an administrative charge or lawsuit from your own employee. REGISTER

FREE CLE:  Ways to Thankfully Enjoy a Less Stressful Holiday Season

November 15, 12–1 PM live on Zoom. FREE Wednesday Wisdom CLE for Solo & Small Firm Section members* by Rebecca J. Bandy, Director of The Florida Bar’s Henry Latimer Center for Professionalism, and moderated by Judge Jennifer Kuyrkendall Griffin, 3rd Judicial Circuit. Course number 8084 is approved for 1 CLE; 1 Mental Health & Wellness.

While the holidays can be a beautiful time, many attorneys struggle with stress, depression, anxiety, and loneliness. Please join Rebecca Bandy as she gifts you tangible ways to brighten your holidays and add cheer to your life so that you can be your best professional self during the season’s celebrations.

*Registration will be approved when section membership is confirmed. REGISTER

Two-Factor Authentication for Lawyers

Protecting client data is a core ethical responsibility, and the consequences of failing to do so can be severe. Two-factor authentication is a simple but potent tool offering extra protection for your digital assets. It acts like a secondary lock, requiring a second verification step after entering your password. Once 2FA is activated, logging in will require two steps:  something you know (your password) and something you have (like your phone). After entering your password, you’ll receive a temporary code via text or email. The code needs to be entered to gain access.

2FA is a small step for lawyers that will result in a giant leap in their security. The difficulty of bypassing two separate security barriers can discourage cybercriminals, turning their attention to easier targets. So any “annoyance factor” you might feel about 2FA is actually a benefit in disguise. Learn more here.

Thank you to Technology Committee member Chrissy Davis for contributing this tip.

Mental Health and Wellness Resources

Did you know? The Florida Bar member benefit program offers an array of resources for lawyers’ mental health and wellness.

From The Florida Bar mental health helpline (1-833-351-9355), a free and confidential service that connects members with professional counselors, to discounts on YMCA memberships, guided meditation apps, and meal plans, the benefits are intended to help lawyers better cope with our stressful profession. For more wellness resources, check out Florida Lawyers Assistance and Florida Lawyers Mutual Insurance Company’s Lawyer Well-Being Resource Center.

A.I. & Ethics:  What Lawyers Really Need to Know

December 12, 12–1 PM live on Zoom by Jonathan Grabb, The Florida Bar Director of Ethics & Advertising. Moderator: Camara Williams. Course number 8085 is approved for 1 CLE, all of which may be applied toward Ethics; 1 Technology. Solo & Small Firm Section members register for only $50, with 90-day, on-demand access.

Learn how Artificial Intelligence is being used in the legal arena. Jonathan Grabb will identify weaknesses inherent in its use along with ethical considerations and discuss potential ways that it can be beneficial to lawyers. REGISTER


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