Traps of the Employment Law Trade: Keeping Your Law Firm Compliant With Ever-Changing Employment Laws

January 18, 12–1 PM live on Zoom by Christopher Johnson, FordHarrison. Moderator:  Denise A. Mutamba. Course number 8024 is approved for 1 CLE; 1 Labor & Employment Law certification credit. Solo & Small Firm Section members register for only $50, with 90-day, on-demand access.

Solo and small-firm attorneys have a lot on their plates. It can be easy to forget one of the most critical hats that a business-owning attorney wears: employer. This CLE by FordHarrison employment law partner Chris Johnson is designed to identify common employment laws that apply to small businesses, including law firms. You’ll also learn how to avoid issues that, if left unchecked, might result in you having to become the client to defend your business against an administrative charge or lawsuit from your own employee. REGISTER

Unleashing Legal AI:  ChatGPT in Practice

January 23, 12–1 PMlive Zoom webinar by Nicole Black, MyCase. Moderator: Brandon Sapp. Solo & Small Firm Section members register for only $50, with 90-day, on-demand access. Course number 8247 is approved for 1 CLE; 1 Technology credit.


This webinar offers a comprehensive exploration of AI and ChatGPT in the legal field by renowned legal tech author Nicole Black. You’ll learn about the technology’s evolution, 10 practical applications, including document summaries and drafting assistance. You’ll also gain insights into additional AI use cases within the legal field, while examining potential challenges like ethical concerns, algorithmic bias, accuracy issues, and the relative infancy of this rapidly evolving technology. This presentation will equip you with the knowledge to harness AI’s power and implement it into your legal practice. REGISTER

QuickLINK Tech Tip: Control Your Email With SaneBox

Does your email completely overwhelm you? A tool like SaneBox can help you feel less inbox “overwhelm.”
SaneBox’s A.I. identifies important emails and automatically organizes the rest to help you stay focused. It’s a smart, trainable inbox assistant. SaneBox sends you daily updates about what was sorted and other email activity, so you never miss anything important. You can teach it with special filters, contact training, and more …

You can view a demo of SaneBox here.

Special thanks to SSFS Technology Committee member Michelle Adams Gumula for sharing this tech tip.

Free CLE:  Practice Tips from Successful Solo & Small Firm Attorneys  

January 31, 12–1 PM, live on Zoom. Free Wednesday Wisdom CLE for Solo & Small Firm Section members.* Presented by John Maceluch, Jr., Panama City; Chrissy Davis, Tallahassee; and Zack Zuroweste, Clearwater. Moderator: Judge Jennifer Kuyrkendall Griffin.

Course number and 1 CLE credit pending approval.

*Registration will be approved when section membership is confirmed. REGISTER

TECH UP:  Transform Your Law Practice—And Your Life

February 23, 2024, 8 AM–12:35 PM live Zoom webinar. Registration is OPEN for “TECH UP: Transform Your Law Practice—And Your Life,” our half-day, virtual, technology-themed CLE. Program Co-Chairs Camara Williams and Stephanie Cagnet Myron have put together an amazing roster of presenters who will share pro tips on ways that technology—especially AI—can improve your practice and make you a more effective, ethical lawyer. You’ll also learn strategies to help you live a happier, healthier, more resilient life.

Course number 8249 is approved for 5 CLE, of which may be applied toward Ethics; 4 Technology, and 1 Mental Health and Wellness. Solo & Small Firm Section members register for only $250. All registrants have 90-day, on-demand access. REGISTER

How Narrow Focus Can Lead to Broad Opportunities for a Small Law Firm

For some, the word “niche” equates to putting yourself in a box. But in reality, it’s quite the opposite. Picking a niche isn’t about limiting your potential — it’s about channeling your energy and resources into becoming the best in a specific area.

This article pulls back the curtain on one law firm’s journey, showing you how zeroing in on a niche might be the best move you can make as a small law firm founder. Whether you’re on the fence about specialization or looking for ways to expand, explore how narrow focus can lead to growth and opportunity.

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