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A.I. Threats To Solo And Small Law Firm Practitioners In 2024: Understanding And Mitigating Risks @ Zoom
Feb 28 @ 12:00 PM – 1:00 PM

Free Wednesday Wisdom live Zoom webinar for Solo & Small Firm Section members* by Ron Frechette, CEO, GoldSky Security, and Bob Cohen, MidAtlantic Practice Director, GoldSky Security. Moderator: Margaret S. Hewitt, Esq., Florida Lawyers Mutual Insurance Company. Host/moderator: Judge Jennifer Kuyrkendall Griffin, 3rd Judicial Circuit. Course number 8272 is approved for 1 CLE; 1 Technology. REGISTER

*Registration will be approved when section membership is confirmed.

DESCRIPTION:  The rapid pace of A.I. integration into internal operations and the development of A.I.-based products and services has surpassed expectations in today’s digital world. Security leaders have voiced apprehension that amidst the enthusiasm for A.I.’s potential, essential security and assurance factors are being disregarded. In this one-hour session, we will delve into the rapidly evolving landscape of artificial intelligence in the legal industry and explore the potential threats it poses to law firms. From A.I.-generated deepfakes that challenge client confidentiality to the implications of A.I. bias and fairness in legal decision-making, we will address the risks head-on. Our expert speakers will highlight real-world examples of AI-driven attacks and data breaches, providing a comprehensive understanding of the challenges faced by law firms in the current digital age. Moreover, we will share practical strategies and best practices to secure A.I. systems and data, ensuring your firm is well-prepared to safeguard against emerging A.I. threats. Don’t miss this opportunity to gain valuable insights and explore cutting-edge cybersecurity solutions tailored to protect your law firm from AI-related vulnerabilities.

Smiling man with beard wearing glassesRon Frechette, CEO & Managing Partner, GoldSky Security. Ron Frechette serves as CEO (Chief Evangelist Officer) and Managing Partner for GoldSky Security. Frechette is a seasoned entrepreneur who has over 30 years of experience building service-based businesses from concept to cashflow across various industries. Ron was introduced to the information security industry in 2009 when he was contracted by a former colleague to build a healthcare security and compliance practice for Coalfire Systems. Under his leadership, he set up offices across the region while recruiting, hiring, and managing a team of Regional Sales Managers selling IT Governance, Risk and Compliance services throughout the Southeastern US and Caribbean. In 2015. After five years and fulfilling his obligation to Coalfire, Ron saw the need and had a passion to help small and midsize businesses (SMBs) build formal cybersecurity, privacy, and compliance programs.  He founded GoldSky Security in 2016 with the core purpose of educating, transforming and protecting SMBs from the onslaught of cyber-attacks we see in today’s Digital Age.  Ron is a proud US Coast Guard veteran and served as an active volunteer with the Boy Scouts of America for over 20 years.  He enjoys giving back to his community through various charitable organizations.

Smiling man wearing business attireBob Cohen – CBCP, ISO 27001 Lead Implementer, ISO 22301 Lead Auditor & Implementer Mid-Atlantic Practice Director for GoldSky Security. “Commander” Bob Cohen brings over 2o years of experience in all aspects of information assurance, and all security disciplines. Some of Bob’s expertise includes ISO 27001 consulting support, ISO Internal Audits, Security Risk Assessments, Recovery Strategies Analysis, Recovery Plan development as well as recovery and cyber incident response training for public and private sector clients. Additionally, he assisted cloud service providers in obtaining their federal government certification under the Federal Risk and Authorization Management Program (FedRAMP), and conducted gap assessments under ISO and federal government frameworks.  Bob is a proud Navy veteran who served as a Naval Intelligence Officer.



Smiling woman wearing glassesMargaret S. “Peggy” Hewitt. Peggy Hewitt is the Resources and Services Manager for the Florida Lawyers Mutual Insurance Company, providing risk management and continuing legal education materials to FLMIC members and the Florida Bar.  Before coming to FLMIC, Ms. Hewitt was a 20+ year partner of Jones, Hurley & Hand, P.A., a member of the United States Supreme Court Bar, and was designated an “AV” Peer Review Rated Lawyer.  Prior to JH&H, Ms. Hewitt was in-house litigation counsel for the Walt Disney Company, Assistant General Counsel for the Sheriff of Orange County, and an Assistant State Attorney for the 9thJudicial Circuit.  Ms. Hewitt has an extensive library of articles and advisories for legal and risk management publications; her Florida Bar CLE manuals and presentations include “Trying a Difficult Liability Case in Florida.”  She has been an accredited CEU presenter for the Florida Department of Finance since 2002 and has presented legal topics at the ABA Annual Conference and numerous NRRDA National Conferences.

FREE CLE for Section Members: Big Firm Talent on a Small Firm Budget: How to Hire & Retain Top Talent @ Zoom
Mar 27 @ 12:00 PM – 1:00 PM
Free Wednesday Wisdom Zoom webinar for Solo & Small Firm Section members* by Chelsie M. Lamie, Florida Injury Attorneys, Valencia, Spain; and moderated by Jennifer Kuyrkendall Griffin, Suwannee County Judge. Course number 8338 is approved for 1 CLE. REGISTER

DESCRIPTION: Florida personal injury attorney Chelsie M. Lamie believes two things have been instrumental in the success of her law firm: having the right processes and the right people on her team. In this information-packed, one-hour CLE, learn how to hire and retain top talent without blowing your firm’s salary budget. Chelsie will walk you through her best hiring tool, working interviews, and share how she created a culture that has kept her employees happy and loyal.

*Registration will be approved when section membership is confirmed.

Smiling woman in navy blouseChelsie M. Lamie is a former claims adjuster and insurance defense attorney turned personal injury attorney. For the past fifteen years she has exclusively represented the injured.    In 2016, with two kids under two, Chelsie opened her own personal injury law firm in Clearwater, Florida.  In 2018, she closed her brick-and-mortar office and took her six-person law firm virtual.  In early 2019, she moved her family to Mexico.  Recently, her family has decided to relocate from Mexico to Spain.  Chelsie has been able to run her law practice 100% from abroad since 2019 and plans to continue to do so for decades to come.  Chelsie is as passionate about law firm culture and team building as she is about fighting for the rights of injury victims.  She has perfected a working interview system that she credits with weeding out ill-fitting potential employees and has mastered retaining her firm’s talent by creating and implementing innovative perks. She is most proud of the culture that she has created within her law firm.  On top of running her successful personal injury practice, Chelsie dedicates a few hours each month to coaching other law firm owners on launching and scaling their practices and for those interested, in learning personal injury to add as a practice area. Chelsie’s greatest joy is being a mom to her two young boys.  Her hobbies include reading for pleasure, scuba diving, and international travel.

FREE CLE for Section Members: Assessing the Impact—Florida Tort Reform’s Influence on Personal Injury Law @ Zoom
Apr 24 @ 12:00 PM – 1:00 PM

Free Wednesday Wisdom Zoom webinar for Solo & Small Firm Section members* by Brandon Sapp, Brandon Sapp Law PLLC, Orlando, (Plaintiff’s Perspective); Charise Morgan, Zurich North America, Miami, (Defense Perspective); and Jamie Billotte Moses, Holland & Knight LLP, Orlando, (Appellate Perspective). Moderator: Rebekah Taylor, RT Mediation and Consulting, LLC, Lake Mary. Host: Judge Jennifer Kuyrkendall Griffin, 3rd Judicial Circuit. View the presenter and moderator bios here. Course number 8342 is approved for 1 CLE. REGISTER

*Registration will be approved when section membership is confirmed.

DESCRIPTION: This program is a panel discussion that will be educational and practical. The panelists will discuss the new law changes and how attorneys have adapted. The panelists will share real-life insights and examples of how attorneys have worked cases differently based on tort reform changes. The panelists will address statute of limitations, bad faith, boarding medical bills, and fault, among other topics. Jamie Moses will discuss appellate challenges that are forming and their implications that are developing in the legal community.

One man and three women, each wearing business attire




Brandon Sapp, Brandon Sapp Law PLLC, Orlando, (Plaintiff’s Perspective); Charise Morgan, Zurich North America, Miami, (Defense Perspective); and Jamie Billotte Moses, Holland & Knight LLP, Orlando, (Appellate Perspective). Moderator: Rebekah Taylor, RT Mediation and Consulting, LLC, Lake Mary.

FREE CLE for Section Members: Immigration Primer—What Lawyers Need to Know in Practice and to Take Pro Bono Cases @ Zoom
May 29 @ 12:00 PM – 1:00 PM

Free Wednesday Wisdom Zoom CLE for Solo & Small Firm Section members* by Masimba Mutamba, West Palm Beach, and Ashley Sybesma, Key West. Moderator: Jennifer Kuyrkendall Griffin, Suwannee County Judge. Course number 8343 is approved for 1 CLE; and 1 Immigration and Nationality Law certification credit.

*Registration will be approved when section membership is confirmed. REGISTER

This webinar will provide a brief overview of immigration laws helpful in your everyday practice while dispelling some of the common myths.  Ashley and Masimba will also review the various types of immigration assistance needs that readily can be provided by pro bono counsel, before discussing available resources on how to take and be guided in handling a pro bono immigration case.

Smiling man wearing a blue shirt, gray coat, and purple tieMasimba M. Mutamba is a seasoned civil rights and immigration attorney with over a decade’s worth of experience handling complex issues for individuals and businesses alike.

Prior to being a Founding Partner with the firm, Masimba was the Human Rights Defense Center (“HRDC”)’s inaugural William A. Trine Fellow. In that role, he litigated civil rights cases all over the country, including filing petitions with the U.S. Supreme Court. Masimba advanced the civil rights of media organizations, individuals, and classes of individuals imprisoned in the nation’s jails, prisons, and federal immigration detention centers. He filed First Amendment lawsuits around the country challenging censorship policies that greatly curtailed the rights of book and newspaper publishers and family members to contact people in custody. He also brought federal and state consumer class action claims, and appealed lower court decisions, to fight against the predatory schemes of some private companies targeting prisoners or the families who sought to maintain contact with them. Furthermore, Masimba litigated Eighth Amendment lawsuits against corrections and medical staff who subjected prisoners to cruel and unusual punishment that resulted in their catastrophic injury or death. Masimba now employs his extensive expertise on these issues as a civil rights consultant around the country.

Masimba has also represented clients across the country and beyond U.S. borders in obtaining a wide array of non-immigrant and immigrant visas, including but not limited to: student (F) visas; cultural exchange (J) visas; religious worker (R) visas; crewmember (D) visas; exceptional talent (O) visas; performing athlete, artist, entertainer (P) visas; specialty occupation (H-1B) visas; intracompany transferee (L) visas; and treaty trader/treaty investor (E) visas.

In addition to assisting clients with visa applications, Mr. Mutamba has also filed administrative appeals with the Administrative Appeals Office (AAO) of the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Service (USCIS) and, when necessary, filed federal district court lawsuits and Circuit Courts of Appeals Petitions for Review against the U.S. Department of Homeland Security (DHS) and its subordinate agencies, including the USCIS and U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE). He is also experienced in advancing Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) requests and lawsuits in furtherance of his client’s immigration cases.

Mr. Mutamba is currently a representative of the Fifteenth Judicial Circuit on the Florida Bar Young Lawyers Division’s Board of Governors, and is member of the Florida Bar’s standing Committee on Media & Communications Law. In his local community, Masimba is actively involved in the F. Malcolm Cunningham, Sr. Bar Association, the Palm Beach County Bar Association’s standing Committee for Diversity and Inclusion, and that Bar Association’s Young Lawyers Section.

A Solo/Small Law Firm’s Guide to AI-Powered Efficiency & Automation @ Zoom
Jul 24 @ 12:00 PM – 1:00 PM

Free Wednesday Wisdom live Zoom webinar for Solo & Small Firm Section members* by Kate Bell, Clio Affinity Partnerships Manager. Moderator: Jennifer Kuyrkendall Griffin, Suwanee County Judge. Course number and CLE credit pending approval. REGISTER

*Registration will be approved when section membership is confirmed.

Law firm automation frees up lawyers to focus on utilization efficiencies, improving the success of their firm and client experience. In this session, we’ll walk through the importance and rise of automation in the legal profession, discuss key considerations to keep in mind, and learn the formula for automating the most tedious tasks at your firm with the power of AI.

A person with long hair wearing glassesKate currently serves as a Clio Affinity Partnerships Manager, where she leverages her background in law firm management and consulting to forge strategic alliances and collaborations. Her expertise lies in fostering partnerships that drive innovation and elevate the legal profession.

FREE CLE For All Florida Bar Members—Against the Clock: An Analysis of Time Law With Ethical Considerations in Implementation @ Zoom
Aug 28 @ 12:00 PM – 1:00 PM

Free Wednesday Wisdom Zoom webinar open to ALL Florida Bar members by G.C. Murray II, Esq., DPL, CEO & Managing Attorney, Association GC, Washington, D.C. Moderator: Jennifer Kuyrkendall Griffin, Suwanee County Judge. Course Number 8377 is approved for 1 CLE, 1 Ethics. REGISTER

This program will provide an in-depth exploration of time law, the new standards of ethical conduct specifically covering a solo/small firm practitioner’s responsibility to employ effective client-relation skills to increase service to the client and foster a newfound understanding of fee structures due to new efficiencies from time law and practice management.

Smiling man wearing business attireG.C. Murray II, Esq., DPL is a nationally recognized lawyer, leader, and lobbyist who has received numerous awards for his legal acumen and his philanthropy. He focuses on all aspects of nonprofit management including Federal and State compliance, organizational leadership, and high-level fundraising. He is also the Presidentof Global Cyber Management, a division of Association GC. In this capacity he focuses on helping businesses with compliance with cybersecurity, privacy, and consumer laws.

FREE CLE for Section Members: You Don’t Need to be a Tax Lawyer to Understand These Tax Essentials @ Zoom
Sep 25 @ 12:00 PM – 1:00 PM

Free Wednesday Wisdom live Zoom webinar for Solo & Small Firm Section members* by Justin J. Klatsky, Valrico Law Group. Moderator: Jennifer Kuyrkendall Griffin, Suwanee County Judge. Course number 8416 is approved for 1 CLE, 1 Tax Law certification credit. REGISTER

*Registration will be approved when section membership is confirmed.

As a solo practitioner or member of a small firm, you encounter tax issues every day, likely several times a day. This CLE is designed to give you tips and understanding from a tax attorney to help you navigate some of the most common situations that practitioners encounter including company formation, sale of business, most common notices from the IRS, and estate planning, now and looking toward the future.

Smiling person, hands crossed, wearing suit and bow tieJustin J. Klatsky is a tax lawyer and partner in the Valrico Law Group, practicing over 15 years in the areas of estate planning and administration, general business and corporate law, and tax law.  Justin earned his B.A with honors from the Johns Hopkins University, where he was elected to Phi Beta Kappa, and he earned both his Juris Doctor (J.D.) with honors and his Master of Laws (LL.M.) in Taxation from the University of Florida College of Law.  While much of Justin’s practice is now transactional, he still handles tax controversy cases before the IRS and that perspective informs his other areas of practice.  He is a member of The Florida Bar and is admitted to practice before the United States Tax Court.

FREE CLE for Section Members: Conservation Easements—Traps for the Unwary @ Zoom
Oct 23 @ 12:00 PM – 1:00 PM

Presented by Dr. Michael T. Olexa. Details and registration will be available soon.

Smiling man wearing business attire and glassesDr. Michael T. Olexa, Distinguished Teaching Scholar and Professor; Director of the University of Florida/Institute of Food and Agricultural Sciences Center for Agricultural and Natural Resource Law. Following military service, Michael Olexa received his MS and Ph.D. degrees in Plant Pathology. On completion of post-doctoral work in biological pest control of invasive plant species, he entered and completed law school and was admitted to The Florida Bar. After law school, he owned and operated a plant nursery for 10 years. Later, while on assignment from the University of Florida to the U.S. Department of Agriculture, he also served as a policy advisor in the Office of the Secretary and as a National Program Leader for Agricultural Law Education.

He is currently a Professor of Agricultural Law at the University of Florida and teaches in both the colleges of agriculture and law. He also serves as Director of the University of Florida/Institute of Food and Agricultural Sciences Center for Agricultural and Natural Resource Law and chaired the General Practice Solo and Small Firm Section of the Florida Bar. He is currently chair of the Agricultural Law Committee of the Florida Bar. His honors include the USDA’s Distinguished Service and Superior Service Awards and the USDA’s National Teaching Award. In 2005, he was named a University of Florida Distinguished Teaching Scholar.