Learn to Delegate More Efficiently

Free Download from MyCase: How to Delegate Efficiently and Effectively

Stereotypical, confident lawyers often do everything themselves because they believe their support staffs are excruciatingly slow and error-prone. Sound familiar? How do we reconcile our egos and need for control with our need to work in the most cost-effective, efficient and timely manner? We learn to delegate. Effective delegation allows us to achieve better results despite limited resources. 

If you’re interested in learning more about how delegation can improve your practice, download “How to Delegate Efficiently and Effectively,” a free guide by MyCase. It offers detailed advice on four reasons all lawyers should delegate, the five steps to effective delegation and legal ethics concerns with delegation.

TrustBooks CLE

FREE CLE: TrustBooks for Solo and Small Firms (Rescheduled to March 3)

March 3, 12–1 PM. Wednesday Wisdom free CLE. “TrustBooks for Solo and Small Firms” is a live Zoom webcast, free of charge to members of the Solo & Small Firm Section.* Renée E. Thompson of Upchurch Watson White & Max will moderate a discussion on TrustBooks for Solos & Small Firms and how to incorporate the software into your practice. TrustBooks is a new benefit for members of The Florida Bar. It’s designed to help Florida small-firm attorneys stay compliant with Florida Bar rules on trust accounting. Florida Bar members get discounts on annual and monthly plans at trustbooks.com/florida. Course number 3842. 1.0 CLE credit.
*Registration will be approved when section membership is confirmed.


Get to the Point

Grammar Tip: With, Not Who, for Things; Who, Not That, for People

Here’s an article that talks about the reasons we sometimes anthropomorphize (give human form or personality to) words. The general grammar rule is to use “who” to refer to people and “which” to refer to inanimate objects. The possessive form of “who” is “whose” but there is no possessive form for “which.” We end up having to choose between a convoluted sentence structure and incorrect grammar. The article suggests rewriting sentences to use “with” when discussing an inanimate object and offers several awkward-sentence makeovers.


Stand Up for Health

Wellness: How to Incorporate More Movement Into Your Daily Routine—Without Working Out

Did you know? Spending too much time sitting has been linked to high blood pressure, high cholesterol, heart disease, increased waist circumference, obesity, type 2 diabetes, cancer, osteoporosis and depression. Excess sitting also may increase the risk of conditions you may never have considered before, such as accelerated aging. The good news is that these health risks can be reversed by standing up as often as you can. Optimizing your metabolism can mean tweaking how you already move, stand and sit throughout your day. This article tells you how.

Upcoming CLE for Solos & Small Firms

March 17, 12-1 PM. “Work, Interrupted” is a live audio webcast on how to identify and deal with the constant flow of interruptions in your practice. Presented by Steve Riley of Atticus. 1.0 CLE. Section members $55; non-section members $100. Course number 3412. REGISTER

March 25, 12-1 PM Wednesday Wisdom Free CLE. “Do Law Firms Need Those? Creating an Employee Handbook in the Legal Industry” is a live Zoom webinar on creating a workable employee handbook that will identify the must-have policies along with the potential landmines that various statutory schemes create. Presented by Chris Johnson and Colby Ellis of Johnson Jackson PLLC. Registration will be approved when Solo & Small Firm Section membership is confirmed. 1.0 CLE. Course number 3843. REGISTER

April 21, 12-1 PM. “Merging Law Firms and Promoting Associates to Partners: How to Handle the Legal Structure of Law Firm Ownership” is a live audio webcast on business concerns related to law firm expansion. Presented by Laurie Lee of The Legal Department for Service Professionals, P.A. in Jacksonville. Course number 3413. 1.0 CLE credit. REGISTER

April 22, 12-1 PM. Wednesday Wisdom FREE CLE. “Florida’s Newly Enacted Remote Online Notarization (RON)” is a live Zoom webinar on what solo and small firm attorneys need to know about how this new law (effective January 1, 2020) can impact their practices. Presented by Michelle Garcia Gilbert of Gilbert Garcia Group P.A. 1.0 CLE. Course number 3844. Registration will be approved when Solo & Small Firm Section membership is confirmed. REGISTER 

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