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A.I. & Ethics: What Lawyers Really Need to Know

December 12, 2023 @ 12:00 PM – 1:00 PM
InReach Webinar
$50 for Solo & Small Firm Section Members

12–1 PM live Zoom webinar by Jonathan Grabb, The Florida Bar Director of Ethics & Advertising. Moderator:  Camara Williams. Course number 8085 is approved for 1 CLE, all of which may be applied toward Ethics, and 1 Technology credit. Solo & Small Firm Section members register for only $50, with 90-day, on-demand access. REGISTER

Learn how Artificial Intelligence is being used in the legal arena. Jonathan Grabb will identify weaknesses inherent in its use along with ethical considerations and discuss potential ways that it can be beneficial to lawyers.

What is AI and how is it being used?

A.      Description of AI programs
1.       ChatGPT
2.       MidJourney
3.       Other common programs

B.      Creation of new materials
1.       Document drafting and research
2.       Creation of images/video
3.       Recent events or incidents in the news

Weaknesses of AI and Ethical Implications

A.      Inaccurate information
1.       Examples in the news
2.       Garbage in, garbage out?
3.       False confidence

B.      Confidentiality of information?
1.       Learns from prior data
2.       No assurances that information won’t be reused

C.       No copyright or patent protection for results
1.       Decisions from the USPTO and USCO
2.       Plagiarism?

D.      Lawyers ultimately responsible for work product

How can AI be used?

A.      “Brainstorming”

B.      Initial drafting and research
1.       “Virtual paralegal” services
2.       Organization of documents
3.       Think calculators and Wikipedia

C.       Efficient use of time

D.      Marketing materials and image generation


A.      AI isn’t going away

B.      AI is a tool, and with any tool, it can be used improperly

C.       Proceed, but with caution

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Jonathan Grabb is the Director the Ethics & Advertising Department (Ethics Counsel) for The Florida Bar. Before becoming the Ethics Counsel in November 2021, Jonathan served the department for 8 years as an Assistant Ethics Counsel. Jonathan has fielded more than 20,000 calls on the ethics hotline, reviewed thousands of lawyer advertisements, and issued dozens of staff opinions. Jonathan is also the staff liaison to The Florida Bar’s Board Review Committee on Professional Ethics, Professional Ethics Committee, and Standing Committee on Advertising.

Jonathan’s work as The Florida Bar’s Ethics Counsel has involved presenting a variety of CLE presentations and publishing articles for The Florida Bar News, including the March 13, 2023, article: “Lawyers And AI: How Lawyers’ Use of Artificial Intelligence Could Implicate the Rules of Professional Conduct.”

Prior to his work with The Florida Bar, Jonathan served as a Senior Attorney for the Agency for Persons with Disabilities. Jonathan is a proud graduate of Florida State University’s College of Law and when not at work, Jonathan visits his local rock-climbing gym and dotes on his wife and two daughters.