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Tools to Increase Your Bottom Line

October 20, 2020 @ 12:00 PM – 1:00 PM

Oct. 20 Live GoToWebinar by Danielle Babcock of Thomson Reuters. Building law firm awareness is the key to increasing your business and profits. Your law firm can be promoted in everything you do from websites and social media, to blogging efforts, client communications, branding, managing Google, and law firm public relations.  Join Danielle Babcock of FindLaw to explore ways to increase your bottom line by learning about the tools you can use to reach your best clients. Course number 4062. Approved for 1.0 General CLE credit. REGISTER NOW

Danielle BabcockDanielle Babcock is a digital marketing strategist for FindLaw, a division of Thomson Reuters. For the past thirteen years, she has exclusively worked with small business owners in helping them protect, grow and market themselves. Since 2007, she has assisted over 800 businesses, including law firms, in protecting or growing their brands.  When working with clients, she finds the greatest importance lies in focusing on how the firm differentiates itself.  By creating a unique strategy to market strengths, it ideally drives retaining the ideal client on a more consistent basis. Her hobbies include weight training, running, personal training, friends and international travel. Danielle and her husband of two years, Ben, had their first child named Braxton, on May 9, 2020.  Her favorite pastime now is spending time with her baby boy and two dogs Titan and Sophie.